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OTS International, Inc. (OTS) invites you to review our product offerings, performance and innovative technology.OTS is customer focused and driven to provide superior quality products and services. Our manufacturing processes, commitment to engineering, research and development and our exemplary personnel are what set OTS apart from other downhole tool manufacturers.

Learn how OTS can provide you with workable drilling solutions. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information.


OTS International is an innovative manufacturer of premium matrix and steel PDC bits, downhole and specialty tools.

OTS manufacturing is based in Conroe Texas, with additional international sales & service facilities that provide full service bit repairs.

OTS continually pushes new technologies and materials to provide practical solutions for drilling operators. OTS maintains the highest performance, quality and dependability standards.

Keys to Success

People are the core of any good company. At Ots, we leverage and empower our people with tools and knowledge. OTS produces drilling solutions that are workable in the field and not merely on a computer. We take pride in our products, as each of them are a direct result of team effort.

  • Highly Experienced Personnel
  • Practical Engineered Solutions
  • Full Technical Support
  • Special Design Products in "Days", not "Months"
  • Repeatable Record Setting Performance
  • Multiple Repair Facilities
  • Full Range Products Lines through 26"

Active R&D in materials, processes and engineering technologies delivers state-of-the-art products to industry.

Combined with new drilling methodologies, OTS delivers on its commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Built for Purpose

OTS drilling tools are "Built for Purpose". This means built to provide specific solutions to customer problems, concerns and engineering objectives.

OTS "Built for Purpose" designs are engineered to work within specific well plans, taking into account the drilling challenges in each field or develop project.

Careful analysis of existing well data, operator objectives and contingency plans are coupled with the latest advances in bit technology, cutter development and downhole tool engineering.